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I don't know who said this line but I know one thing that it inspires me a lot. There are many instances in our day to day life that can drive anyone to believe in this philosophy. One such example is of Omkar Nath Sharma, the Medicine Baba or the Medicine Messiah for the poor in Delhi. Sharma at the age of around 80 years roam around the streets of Delhi in order to collect unused or leftover medicines from the households of people like you and me. 

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He goes around the city on the weekdays wearing a saffron kurta with 'Mobile Medicine Bank' imprinted on it and ask people to donate the medicines which are of no use to them and even explain them that in spite of putting these in the dustbin or stacking them at home and eventually nearing them to their expiry date, it can be put to good use by giving to those who cannot afford it because of lack of monetary resources. On weekends, he manages the records of all the medicines ranging from where it has been collected to its expiry date, name of the salt,etc. which is definitely a bigger and complicated task to accomplish and complete. And on a daily basis at 4:00 pm, anyone can visit and collects the medicine they need from him.
Being the curious one, my mother asked him what motivates him to do all this stuff by himself and he explained then that many years ago, a metro pillar collapsed at the construction site and the workers got injured and being taken to the nearest government hospital where inadequate medical resources resulted in their incomplete treatment and they were sent to their homes to die. That incident has shaken him and he later decided to do his bit to preserve humanity and started collecting medicines from wherever he go and supply these to those who are in the need of it the most.
Though this task is not as easy as it may seems to be because I have seen it myself in my locality that people do not do the donations willingly or generously and this only makes the task of Sharma only tougher but with his dedication to do the humanitarian work selflessly, these never proved to be a hurdle in his way. According to the Medicine Baba himself, he has been maintaining the Medicine Bank from 2008. Now, many people have come out and do their bit to support his cause and especially, the youth is totally backing him in every possible way.
All in all, I have learnt that doing good work may not be a path of flowers at the start and lots of people might not support you too and oppose also but the results which comes out makes it worth doing and the satisfaction too comes as a bonus for your inner soul and later, others too come forward and join you in your endeavor.

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